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TWX Health Magazine subscription charges appearing on credit card statements — this video provides information about what to do with it.

Mystified by a TWX * People charge listed on your card statement? This video reveals what this purchase is and how to contact the company behind it.

TWX Sports Illustrated - information about this company, Sports Illustrated magazine subscriptions, credit card charges associated with them, and contact information.

TWX* PopMech & Official Contact Info, TWX Popular Mechanics

TWX PopMech Popular Mechanics

Are you looking for information about an item charged to  TWX*PopMech on a credit card statement or bank transaction? Here is an explanation.

“TWX PopMech” or "TWX Popular Mechanics Magazine" is a creditcard reference I.D. number used by TWX Magazines, a company that operates magazine subscription transactions for customer clubs and discount loyalty clubs.

Airline frequent flyer programs, customer loyalty clubs, department store memberships and other organizations frequently will contract TWX Magazine to offer their club members magazine discount offers on their behalf.

TWX PopMech Credit Card Charge and Contact

Usually, there is a free introductory subscription period to try out a magazine title. After one has tried out the magazine, such as TWX*PopMech, for a few months, one may opt out of the subscription, or take no action in order to continue receiving issues, at which time the subscription cost will be billed directly to the account associated with the membership for which the offer was made.

TWX Magazine mails a card notification just prior to the end of the trial subscription, alerting you that you may opt out of receiving the magazines or else the stated subscription fee will be paid via your account. Sometimes, these notification postcards can be mistaken for something else and missed in the mail if one is not careful.

TWX Magazines desires to give excellent service to customers, so if a changes need to be made to the billing address and payment information, or if you desire to discontinue a “TWX PopMech” subscription order, please visit our information pages and contact us:

        TWX*PopMech Contact Phone #: (877) 856-6298

 About Popular Mechanics (“PopMech”):

Popular Mechanics is a classic magazine of popular technology. First published January 11, 1902, by H. H. Windsor, it has been owned since 1958 by the Hearst Corporation. There are nine international editions, including a now-defunct Latin American version that had been published for decades, and a newer South African edition.

TWX*FoodWine - TWX Food & Wine Magazine

TWX Foodwine

Contact information and more for a TWX * Foodwine charge on a credit card statement? Here is the info.

“TWX Foodwine” or “TWX Food & Wine Magazine” is a credit card reference code number used by TWX Magazine, an organization that administrates magazine subscriptions for customer clubs and discount loyalty clubs.

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TWX*Sports Illustrated

Are you looking for information about a TWX*SPORTS ILLUSTRATED charge on your credit card statement? Here are some answers.

TWX Sports Illustrated" is the billing reference code number used by TWX Magazine, a company that handles magazine subscriptions for discount clubs and customer loyalty clubs. Airline frequent flyer programs, department stores and other companies often partner with TWX Magazine so that they can offer their loyalty club members discounted magazines.

TWX Sports Illustrated

Typically, there is a free or discounted trial period to try out a subscription. After you have tried out the magazine for a few months, you can either opt out of the subscription, or just do nothing and continue, at which point the subscription cost will be billed to the method of payment that was associated with your account at the company through which you received the offer.

TWX Magazine sends a postcard notification just prior to the end of the trial period, to alert you that you must opt out of receiving the magazines or else you’ll be charged for them. Sometimes, people can miss the cards in the mail.

However, we aim to provide good customer service, so if you are dissatisfied, desire to cancel your subscription, or if you simply need to change your address or payment method, you may contact us:

The official website of TWX Magazines.

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List of profiles for magazine subscription company TWX* — more customer care contact information resources.

Here’s our Twitter account - follow for brief updates about TWX Magazine and subscription, cancellation, contact information, and other company communications.

Here is the .TEL site information for TWX. The contact information includes options for updating credit card charges, subscriptions, and how to unsubscribe from TWX Magazine service.